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  • First ever company in Pakistan to
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    TMD International is the leading supplier of
    welding consumables and equipment in Pakistan
Who we are


TMD INTERNATIONAL, INC was founded in 1994 as a stockiest of welding consumables and equipment. Being a major player in the welding industry, our products have contributed to the development of many key industries and projects in Pakistan.

Currently TMD International is the leading supplier of welding consumables and equipment in Pakistan. We have selected the best brands among the international manufacturers to stock and supply to our customers.

With our accumulated experience and the continuing development of our IN-HOUSE technology, we have been expanding as consultants for metal fabrication business as well. Our goal is to become a specialized and leading supplier in the field of welding.

Our customers' loyalty and support have made TMD what it is today. With your continued patronage, we pledge our utmost dedication in bringing you the products of the highest quality FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE WORLD AT YOUR DOOR.

About Our


TMD International Inc. was founded by Mr. Syed Talha Kirmani, who started his career in the welding industry in 1977.

During his 40 years in the market, he introduced many brands that have since become household names. In 1978, he introduced OTC DAIHEN in the Pakistani market and in 1995, he launched Thyssen (Now Böhler, Austria) pipeline electrodes against Lincoln Pipeline electrodes in the gas and petroleum industry. Both of these brands are now immensely sought after. In 2014, he also pioneered the launch of multipurpose welding robotic technology in the Pakistani automobile sector.

He served the welding industry with immense passion, constructive expertise, and an innovative vision. We feel his loss greatly, and Mr Kirmani’s spirit will forever be the foundation of this company. We will continue to work hard towards his vision of a brighter and more robust welding industry in Pakistan.










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